Social media managers are the essential connecting link between a brand and its potential and … [+] existing customers

Social media has taken the world by storm ever since the first social media platforms were launched to the public in 1997. It’s become such an indispensable thread interwoven into the fabric of our everyday lives—without us even realizing it—that for many, it’s hard to imagine a day without using social media in some way or another.

Looking for senseless, endless entertainment with a good dose of advice along the way? TikTok.

Want to share your favorite snaps, or tell a story with video or other graphics? Instagram.

And of course, what would we do without LinkedIn? Where else would we go to connect with new professionals, expand our networks, learn new skills and certifications, and build a dream career alongside access to business and job opportunities?

Today, there are at least 4.89 billion people actively using social media platforms around the world. This includes Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube, and X (formerly known as Twitter).

It wouldn’t be a stretch at all to assume that at some point in the course of the last 24 hours before reading this article, you refreshed your social media feed, posted, or engaged in some wholehearted discussion (perhaps even a debate).

Social media may have some negative aspects, but one of the positive sides is that the very existence of social media platforms provides numerous job opportunities that previously would have been considered irrelevant. Because of the widespread reach of social media, with billions of users globally, companies and advertizing agencies are keen to use social media applications for marketing purposes.

In fact, the spend for digital marketing, of which social media advertizing is a core component, crossed $600 billion in 2023 for the first time ever, and digital advertising spend in 2024 is projected to have a steep 10.9% increase globally. If companies market their products, brand, and services successfully on these popular platforms, they are able to reach a more diverse global audience and increase sales revenue.

Here are three high-paying, in-demand jobs that would be a perfect fit for you if you’re considering working within the fast-paced and lucrative nature of the social media marketing industry (salary estimates are from Comparably, Zip Recruiter, and

As a social media manager, you function as the glue that connects a target market with the company, and consequently, generating interest and sales. This is a hands-on, demanding role that requires you to develop the social media outreach, content, and engagement strategy.

Social media management involves working closely with other functions in the marketing and communications teams, such as PR managers, heads of departments from other areas of the business, and sales teams. You may also outsource some aspects of your social media management strategy to external specialists such as video editors and copywriters, or you may hire your own.

Social media management jobs take on many forms, such as consulting, influencer management, and … [+] content strategy

Influencer marketing managers are the ones responsible for building partnerships with viral content creators—known as influencers—on social media. They run marketing campaigns for their brand, and seek out and collaborate with a “team” of influencers who partner with them to expand brand reach and product visibility.

Similarly to social media managers, social media consultants design and develop social media strategy—but they are hired as external, independent contractors or freelancers, or as agencies, rather than working directly for the company. They lend their expertise to provide social media management tips and best practice advice, often working in conjunction with social media managers and marketing teams.

These jobs in social media management would make a perfect fit for you if you enjoy being creative, have a knack for being intuitive and using your research skills to follow trends, and have strong communication and relationship management skills.

To launch any career within social media, including social media manager, consultant, or influencer marketing manager, you will need the following essential skills (broadly speaking):

Many careers in social media do not require a degree, so you can actually start working within this field without one.

There are plenty of certifications you can study and complete online, such as those available from HubSpot, Coursera (Google Career Certificates), and Facebook itself.

Social media managers need strong project management and relationship management skills to be … [+] successful

Overall, a career within social media is one that requires you to constantly be on your toes. You’ll need to consider various approaches and evaluate what is suitable for the needs of the business and its potential customers in each situation, because the business is counting on you to deliver a solid strategy. But despite the pressure of project deadlines, the fact that you are able to unleash your creativity and experiment with new approaches, along with the prospect of high-income, makes a job in social media worth it.

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