Looking to become the next great social media influencer? Then you may be in the right state, as Pennsylvania is a top-ten state for social media influencers to work in, according to a report from social media analytical platform QR Code Generation.

“Multiple factors go into building a career as an influencer. While the internet has made it possible to pursue this profession from virtually anywhere, certain conditions can significantly impact the ease of establishing oneself in the industry,” read a statement of the findings from QR Code Generation. “Factors such as favorable weather conditions, which may require less photo editing, and faster internet speeds, which streamline the process of planning and uploading content, can facilitate an influencer’s success.

“Additionally, income tax rates are crucial in influencing an individual’s decision-making process when planning and budgeting their earnings from influencer activities,” the statement continued. “This study aims to shed light on the best states in America for aspiring influencers to establish themselves and thrive in the industry.”

QR Code Generation used seven metrics to reach its final social media influencer ratings for each state.

Those metrics are: average internet speed; average income tax; average temperature;  annual hours of sunshine;  number of clear days annually; and number of Instagram hashtags for most populated cities in that state.

“Pennsylvania scores 56.51 out of 100 and is the ninth-best state to be an influencer,” read a portion of the findings. “The state has the sixth-highest internet speed at 430.8 Mbps. Pennsylvania also has the seventh-highest number of Instagram hashtags, with 71.2 million posts mentioning locations in the state.”

Matters largely out of the control of Pennsylvanian influencers also contributed to the state’s high ranking.

According to the findings, Pennsylvania’s average temperature, its 2,614 hours of annual sunshine and the 87 clear days every year contribute to the state’s top-ten ranking.

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Delaware ranked 28th, New Jersey ranked 32nd, Ohio ranked 33rd, and a bit surprisingly, New York ranked near the bottom at 45. The five states with the lowest social media influencer ranks are Wyoming (46th), Vermont (47th), South Dakota (48th), West Virginia (49), and Alaska (50).

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